Go and work in Social Media they said… It will be fun…. They said!!

Dec 22, 2017

I’m now on my 7th week at Social Progress and I think that my head is still spinning! Social Media is something which has been around me for most of my adult life. I was at University when Facebook was born, lived through the amazing days of MSN messenger and Myspace and have seen a number of platforms grow over the years. I thought that I had a good idea what to do on each profile, who I might be speaking to… so generally what to do. I now know that I knew nothing…. Or at least 1% of what I needed to know.

I accepted the role at Social Progress as I saw an opportunity to change my career path, a way to contribute to a small but growing business and an avenue where I could be me but also enjoy what I do. That is exactly what I’m doing – and I’m loving it.

Rebecca HopwoodSocial Media is undoubtedly an online onion. There are layers and factors which you don’t even know are there until you start to uncover each new rule, hashtag, law or tag. Social Media is an online platform for businesses to speak to their audience in a way that they never could do before. Massive corporations can create a personality, and you can go back to knowing your local window cleaner or electrician! Something that I feared was long gone.

What you may or may not realise that that every time you’re scrolling through Facebook on an evening, or checking Twitter when you get up on a morning – you’re defining yourself as a Social Media audience. This is the best form of target marketing, and with Facebook’s new rules around how companies engage with you on Social Media – it’s not spammy! It’s actual content which could be useful to you.

So far, I have attended Open workshops, 121 training sessions, been a guest at a conference, exhibited at an event, carried out Strategy meetings, created graphics, brought on board new clients and managed their account online and there’s more to come. I literally cannot wait for 2018 and what new challenges and great rewards are instore for the SoPro team!


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