Global Recycling Day: A Guest Blog from fairandfunky CIC

Mar 18, 2024

This Global Recycling Day, one of the campaign goals is to spread the word about why recycling is so important in the aim to preserve our planet. We asked our friends at fairandfunky CIC, who are experts in all things sustainability, to share their thoughts and help us spread awareness on the issues at hand:

Here at fairandfunky CIC, we empower people with the knowledge that little steps can (and do!) change the world. Every day, we work towards a future where sustainability is not just a “buzzword”, but a way of life. And on Global Recycling Day, we want to emphasize the crucial role recycling plays in building a greener future.

Recycling is more than just sorting your rubbish into bins; it’s a change of mindset and a commitment to preserving our planet for future generations. When we recycle, we reduce the strain on natural resources, minimize pollution, conserve energy and ultimately our environment. It’s a simple yet powerful way to combat climate change and protect our planet – and we can ALL do it!

But recycling isn’t just about what we do at home. It’s about advocating for systemic change, encouraging businesses to adopt eco-friendly practices, and holding policymakers accountable for implementing sustainable solutions. It’s about creating a culture where recycling is not just an option but a priority.

Here at fairandfunky CIC, we’re proud to be part of this movement towards a more sustainable future. Through our workshops in schools and with community groups, we empower people of all ages and backgrounds to take action. Whether it’s teaching children the importance of recycling, holding politicians to account, or encouraging local businesses to be more green, we’re committed to making a positive difference to people and planet.

So, on this Global Recycling Day, we encourage you to join us in pledging to protect the planet: let’s rethink our routines, reduce what we consume, refuse what we don’t need, reuse what we have, repair what is broken, and finally recycle what cannot be reused or repaired. These actions need to happen every day, not just today. Together, we can build a future where waste is minimized, resources are conserved, and the Earth thrives. Join us in celebrating Global Recycling Day and let’s take little steps towards a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable world, together.