Getting hung up on the numbers – quality over quantity

Oct 24, 2013

They say it’s a numbers game. They say we should get as many business cards, email addresses & telephone numbers as we can. I say they’re wrong! I say we should be understanding the value of a contact.

Do you find yourself looking at how many likes a Facebook Page has or how many followers someone has on Twitter? I know I do, but then I also look to see how many people are commenting & liking the things posted on a Facebook Page and how many tweets a person has sent to build those followers.

The value I see is if a business Facebook Page has few likes but lots of engagement that I’m impressed. Large numbers of likes & not much engagements & I smell a fish. Are those likes bought?

Image – Fresh Fish,

If someone on Twitter has loads of tweets they’re likely to get lots of followers but again I’m more impressed if they have fewer tweets & a good size of followers. Clearly what that person has to say is of value to the people following.

All too often we get hung up on the numbers when what we should be concentrating on is the value of those around us. Whether that’s those that we collaborate with, pass business into, listen to for advice or work with as a client.

It’s better to work at your social media & have a steady increase in the number of genuine followers & likes that to buy them. There’s lots you can do to increase your likes / followers. Here’s some hints & tips to get you started.

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And I’d love to hear your thoughts on buying v organic growth & quality over quantity. Leave us a comment below….