How to get more Facebook Page Likes

Feb 15, 2017

It’s increasingly harder and harder to encourage people to ‘like’ your Facebook Page unless you’re prepared to pay for Facebook Ads – right? Well, yes and no.

How to gain more Facebook Likes - Social Progress Ltd - SoPro Blog

We know that targeted Facebook Ads work wonders and you can get some excellent results if you know what to do. Get in touch if you’d like us to run some for you.

But there are some very simple things you can do to build your Facebook ‘fans’.

1. Start by inviting your existing contacts to Like your Page

If your friends and family would be willing to give you their support, then why not invite them to Like your page. Ask them in person, send them an email with a link to the Page or through the Invite tab under ‘More’ on your Page.

2. Invite your Email Contacts

This might not be for everyone as it feels a little spammy in our opinion but you could unload your email contact. It’s also not available to every Page just yet.

3. Invite Post Likes to Like your Page

Our favourite feature to increase likes on Facebook is the option to invite people who have liked your posts to Like your Page. This feels a much more authentic.

If people have liked your content then there’s a good chance they would also want to like your Page. The feature is a little hidden. Once you hit the ‘invite’ button the person gets a notification to Like your Page. It’s that simple. You can only invite someone once and if they miss that then you’ve lost that opportunity so in our opinion it’s best to check regularly who’s liking your posts and invite while the irons hot (so to speak).

You can only invite somewhere between 500 & 1,000 people per day. Once the limit’s reached Facebook will tell you. So just check back in a day or two and you should be good to start inviting again.

How to gain more Facebook Likes - Social Progress Ltd - SoPro Blog

There are lots of other ways to increase your Page Likes but we thought these three would be a good start. Have you tried each of the above? Have you found any other cools ways to build your online audience through Facebook? If so post a comment, we’d love to hear.


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