Georgia’s Experience

Aug 29, 2017

After my big reveal as the newest member of the Social Progress Team, I thought it would be fun to tell you a little bit about what I have been up to and have learned during my first week here – “Yes I really did do more than just drink delicious Fairtrade coffee and Instagram about it”.

Social Progress Ltd - Georgia Chipchase - SoPro Team - Social Media Management - Yorkshire

I started my Social Progress journey on 8th August. I currently work 3 days a week, then once Esther goes on maternity leave in October I will become a full time employee here at Social Progress.  During my previous career, I specialised in Graphic design and visual content management. My aim as part of the SoPro team is to bring innovative creative content solutions for our clients. Esther has been showing me the ropes of multitude of social media platforms we manage for clients and how we as a team support our clients with their social media management.

I had the pleasure to be introduced via Skype to Mel, who’s also a Social Media Manager that live in the beautiful French countryside. I was also introduced to a lot of people during various networking in this first week and I’m honestly convinced that between the full SoPro Team they must know at least half of Yorkshire! Everyone I met spoke highly of the team and gave me a lovely warm welcome, which helped clear any nerves and I really looking forward to more of our upcoming events. Thank you to all our lovely business friends who’ve already said hello – you’re awesome!

Social Progress Ltd - Georgia Chipchase - SoPro Team - Social Media Management - Yorkshire

During my first week Esther and the SoPro Team have given me a brilliant introduction, here are a few things I’ve learned so far:
–          Facebook – Facebook advertisements get results!
–          Twitter – What the definition of #Hashtag really is? (Hint – it’s a search term)
–          LinkedIn – How to optimize profiles and connect appropriately
–          Google Plus – What it does and that I have so much more to learn!
–          Content Management planning, creation and scheduling
–          Networking – I attended BNI Bridge, MYnetworkHUD and Cheese Fest Friday
–         That the SoPro Team are awesome!!!

Social Progress Ltd - Georgia Chipchase - SoPro Team - Social Media Management - Yorkshire

The team have really encouraged me to get stuck into the company’s social media and write this blog, which before being at Social Progress I would never have known I could do. I can already see how they’re helping me grow and it’s only my first week! (It’s been amazing!) I understand there is still so much more to learn, so stay tuned and please bare with me whilst I’m starting out my SoPro journey.

Please feel free to connect with me on my new (SoPro) social media:

Twitter: @SoProGeorgia
LinkedIn: in/georgiachipchase