Gemma’s Social Media Top Tips!

Nov 12, 2020

Top Tips on Social Media from Gemma

I am now 7 weeks into my Account Manager role here at Social Progress and I felt it was a good time to reflect on what I have learnt so far….

I run my own independent personal Travel Company (Gemma Favager – Travel Counsellors) alongside my role at Social Progress which has been established for just under 3 years. Throughout this time, I believed I had a good understanding of social media having used it extensively as my “shop window” to build and engage with both existing and potential customers. My followers have grown steadily and I have received a significant amount of Travel business due to my social media presence.

However, what I have learnt over the past 7 weeks shows I was barely scratching the surface!

So what are my top social media tips/biggest learns? Read below to find out….

  • Canva – use it to make sure you stay on brand and create adverts that stand out from the crowd (be warned, you can lose hours putting together creative content on here!)
  • Take the time to reflect on your target audience. Who are you aiming your content at? Is this reflected in the design and language you are using?
  • Hashtags – do you have unique ones to you? Are you also using popular ones to widen your audience reach? Research across multiple social media platforms to understand and see what is trending and relevant to your sector/product area
  • Where are your target audience “hanging out”? I have favoured Facebook for the last 3 years as it is the platform I was most familiar with. However, Instagram is where a lot of my existing and potential customers are now turning to view inspirational content. Again, take the time to look into which platform works best for you. It might be across many different ones..
  • Consistency – If you are using multiple platforms, do they have the same look and feel? People visiting one platform should be able to recognise your branding and know instantly that it is you.

The past 7 weeks have flown and I am looking forward to the weeks ahead and further developing my Social Media knowledge and skills, especially in Canva (which I am becoming a tad obsessed with!)