#followladder Brainchild of @MumpreneurUK took Twitter to the limit tonight!

Jan 16, 2012

I’ve just witnessed what can only be described http://autoblogsamurai.ws/wp-content/bitcoin-sdk-2.4/ as a real-time online phenomenon!

Tweeter @MumpreneurUK set it all off by asking people to tweet and include the hashtag of #followladder – the suggestion being that people follow those who tweet this hashtag and people would then follow back!

It worked a treat – the timeline was full of #followladder and it even extended to #yorkshirefollowladder and #welshfollowladder etc.

I myself had over 100 additional followers in one evening – #followladder trended at No.1 during the evening and it looks like it’s set to continue.

Fabulous, simple and inspirational idea @MumpreneurUK – well done!