How to find your Facebook Page News Feed

Jan 12, 2019

One of the most useful tools for one Facebook Page to communicate with another Facebook Page has disappeared! The Pages Feed….

Facebook Page - News Feed

It used to be that, if you had access to the settings etc on a Facebook Page on a web browser you could ‘like’ other pages and then view these pages in a News Feed specifically for your Facebook Page. You would then be able to like, comment and share other Facebook Pages’ content (if/where appropriate) on your own Facebook Page. Thus helping businesses to communicate business to business. The way you would access these was from a tab down the right hand side of your Facebook Page. But now it’s GONE!

We’re not entirely sure why the option has been removed but if you did use it and would STILL like to use it, here’s how….


So let’s say our Facebook Page – Social Progress wants to see and engage with all the Pages we have liked. Previously we would have navigated to our Page, scrolled half way down the page and seen ‘Pages Feed’ on the right hand side.

Facebook Page - Where to find News Feed

Selected that and then seen a list of Pages we like and a News Feed just of those Pages (no Friends as a Facebook Page can’t have Friends, just Pages).

Now we need to type the following into a browser –

Or in your case –

Why not try it for yourself with your Facebook Page name and then let us know via our social media if it’s worked for you.


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