Facebook Releases Facebook Messenger Rooms

May 23, 2020

Facebook have just released yet another feature called “Facebook Messenger Rooms”. With the rise in digital communication and video calls during lock down, Facebook has been seen to step-up their efforts and fast-track some of their projects to keep up with the demand of their users.

Facebook Messenger Rooms

With online communication platforms like Zoom seeing the number of accounts and users sky-rocket since March, Facebook seem to have brought their own version to the digital table; Facebook Rooms. Have you tried them out yet?

Our Esther has had a ‘play’ to see what they’re about…

Facebook Messenger Rooms - Set Up  Facebook Messenger Rooms - Room Activity  Facebook Messenger Rooms - Who's Invited

Facebook Messenger has stepped up it’s video call “game” which allows Facebook users to set up their own Rooms (which I’m relating to old school “chat rooms”) for video calls. You can theme the rooms, choose to invite specific friends or open it to all friends and set a time for the room to open. Sound familiar?

Facebook Messenger Rooms - Time and Date Facebook Messenger Rooms - Invite

Facebook Messenger Rooms - Video Call Chat Room

(FYI Esther signed into 2 different accounts to test Facebook Rooms – you won’t see yourself twice like in our demo picture above ^ if you invite your friends)

We think Facebook has done it again. Seen something another company is doing well and decided to try their own – continuing to develop Facebook and Instagram into a one-stop-shop for their users.

This is currently only a tool available for people with Messenger, whether you have Facebook or just Messenger (Note: you don’t need to be on Facebook to have Messenger) and Facebook Groups (available to Group Admins) but not Business Pages.

Facebook Rooms for Groups

With this in mind, we’re not 100% sure how businesses will harness this tool. However, it may be very useful for micro-businesses where the owner is the face of the business. It just goes back to that work/life balance. How much do you allow your business life to overlap with your personal life?

As with all new Facebook features we have no doubt that they will develop this tool further to rival other video calling platforms. So watch this space for more tools and features being added to the Facebook Messenger Rooms. We guess that you’ll be able to add a virtual background soon…

Have you tried Facebook Messenger Rooms yet? Do you think they will be useful to your business or just another Facebook feature to sit on the side-lines?