Facebook Pages can now set up & engage with Facebook Groups

Apr 15, 2017

Businesses have long been crying out for their Facebook Pages to be able to set up & engage with Facebook Group. Well now they can!

This NEW feature on Facebook has been around for a fair while on LinkedIn Company Pages. Although probably little used by LinkedIn users to be honest.

How to find and create a Facebook Group attached to your Facebook Page

Firstly, navigate to your Facebook Page and the ‘Settings’. Then select ‘Edit Page’ from the left hand side.

Facebook Page Settings

Next, scroll down to ‘Add a Tab’ at the bottom of the page. By the way, did you know you can drag up or down any of the tabs. You can also turn any of the tabs off too if you no longer want them to show on your Facebook Page.

Facebook Face Tabs

Here you’ll see any tabs you haven’t displayed on your Facebook Page. Select the ‘Add Tab’ for the Groups tab.

Facebook Pages - Add Groups Tab

Now when you click on the Group button down the left hand side of your Page you’ll be taken to a screen where you can either ‘Create Group’ to set up a brand new Group or ‘Link Your Group’ if you have an existing Facebook Group that you’d like to have associated with your Page.

Facebook Page - Creating a Group

In our example, we’ve set up a brand new Closed Group – SoPro DigitalMarketing Hub . Bizarrely this is something we’ve been thinking of doing for quite some time.

Facebook Group - SoPro DigitalMarketing Hub

We can see the benefits of having a Group associated with a business for engaging with your network, clients, friends, suppliers etc. However, Facebook always seemed to be against this. It’ll be interesting to see how Facebook Pages use and benefit from Groups. It’ll also be interesting to see how Facebook itself benefits from Pages using Groups. Let’s face it, they’re unlikely to introduce this new feature unless they can see some clear benefits too.

And so the final product is our very own SoPro DigitalMarketing Hub Facebook Group.

SoPro DigitalMarketing Hub

If you’ve worked with us, are a client or have been on training with us, are in the digital marketing world or just want to gain a few hints & tips on how to improve online why not join the group. Please do be mindful that our group is not there to be spammed. It’s a platform as an additional resource to sit along side your digital marketing provider. Somewhere to share best practice, tell others what works for you and what to avoid. We can all learn something from each other and no one person is an expert in everything in the Digital world!


Are you on social media? Do get connected and say hello to us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest & Instagram. We’d love to hear from you! #SoProHigh5!