Facebook Blueprint Certified

Jul 17, 2020

Janet Bebb and Esther Orridge of Social Progress Ltd are now officially Facebook Blueprint Certified Digital Marketing Associates. As part of the requirements to continue delivering training through the Facebook She Means Business Programme, both Janet and Esther were required to take the Facebook exam.

Janet Bebb - - Facebook Blueprint Certified

You can now see that they both proudly (and exclusively) display their Facebook Blueprint: Digital Marketing Associate badges within their email footers and you can view their official Profiles and badges below. Janet also has the “Facebook Blueprint Trainer Network Lead Trainer” badge.

Janet Bebb
Esther Orridge

So why is Facebook Certification important?

“Blueprint Certification recognises advanced-level proficiency with Facebook’s family of apps and services.” – Facebook Blueprint

After hours of revision through the Facebook Blueprint resources (Facebook for Business) they completed the official exam, which tested advanced knowledge and understanding of the Facebook Family of Apps (Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Audience Network etc) as well as delivering strategic Facebook and Instagram Advertising Campaigns.

Although the majority of the content covered within this module/exam, was all about the tools, practises and marketing knowledge we use on a daily basis, it was good to have a recap. It also confirmed that the Social Progress Team are all up to speed with Facebook developments and are using the latest features released by Facebook (and there are a LOT of them!)

Facebook Blueprint Exam Revision  Facebook Blueprint - Screenshot

“I’ve found the revision for the Facebook Blueprint Exam refreshing and reassuring because it confirmed the importance of setting up and using Facebook in the correct way to build a quality following and ultimately generate sales – all provided by Facebook’s very own Marketing Team.” – Esther Orridge, Social Progress

From setting up your Facebook Page to Facebook Advertising, this module covered it all and now Janet and Esther are both Facebook Blueprint Certified. There are 25 Digital Marketing experts who are part of the Facebook She Means Business Programme – delivering free social media training through online events in partnership with Enterprise Nation. In order to continue to be part of the exclusive Programme in 2020, all the Trainers have had to become Facebook Blueprint Certified (if they weren’t already).

The Facebook Blueprint module clearly reiterated that there is a clear difference between using social media for personal use and for business. If you’re thinking “social media doesn’t work for my business” or “I just don’t get social media” why not see how working with a social media specialist can help you take the next step to get results through social media channels like Facebook and Instagram?

So if you’re looking for a digital marketing company to either train you how to use social media effectively for your business or you’d like to outsource to a specialist social media company, get in touch with us on 01484 506336 or drop us an email to info@socialprogress.co.uk