Facebook Admins & Why It’s A Good Idea To Have More Than One

May 16, 2016

Here at Social Progress we think it’s a good idea to have more than one Facebook Admin. But choose wisely!

When a Facebook Business Page is created it’s done so via a Facebook Profile (a person if you will). That Profile is then a Facebook Admin for the Page, and at this stage will be the only Admin for the Page. That’s fine but what if something happens to that person. They may leave the company, or for whatever reason are unable to work. Maybe your Profile gets hacked and they delete your Facebook Profile (it happens believe us). If the Profile is deleted, you have no way of accessing the Facebook Page! – And don’t think you can plead to Facebook’s better nature, they won’t listen in these circumstances.

If a Facebook Page has only one Admin it leaves the Page quite vulnerable and so we generally recommend to all our clients to have at least one other TRUSTED Admin on the Page. I say, TRUSTED, as the last thing you want is the second Admin deleting you, (the owner) and you losing control of your own Facebook Page.

Social Progress - SoPro Blog - The Importance of Two Facebook Admins

We act as a TRUSTED Admin for a number of our clients. We do this as part of the service if we account manage the client’s social media on an ongoing monthly basis. But we also act as a TRUSTED Admin on other Facebook Pages too for a small nominal annual fee – Get in touch if you’d like to know more. This gives our clients piece of mind that should they lose access to their own Facebook Profile for whatever reason there’s always a ‘backdoor’ into their Facebook Page. And we can always add another Admin once you get your Facebook Profile sorted out.

If you’d like to know what other Facebook Roles there are and what each can do see the table below or click on the link to go directly to Facebook Help Center’s “Page Roles” article.

Social Progress - SoPro Blog - The Importance of Two Facebook Admins


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