Facebook 3D Photos: Share Your Experiences In A New Way

Oct 13, 2018

Facebook has begun rolling out 3D photo upload capability from your mobile phone and here at Social Progress we’re very excited about that.

But it’s not yet available to everyone. If you have an iPhone with dual-lens camera, which has been in place since the iPhone 7 Plus, you’ll be able to use this new feature.

Our ‘new guy’ (although he’s not so new any more), Luis has just invested in a new iPhone and so we thought we’d test it out for ourselves. A number of other mobiles have dual camera capabilities, however Facebook doesn’t support these devices….yet!

Taking a 3D photo for Facebook

So there’s not much to it in taking a 3D photo other than thinking about the composition of the shot. 3D photos use depth maps stored with the ‘Portrait’ photos taken on iPhone 7+, 8+, X or XS. So have something in the foreground that you can focus on and something in the background. This will then show the movement between the two. Facebook recommends the element you’re focusing on should be about three to four feet away. You can read more from Facebook’s ‘3D Photos Now Rolling out on Facebook and in VR

To get more from your 3D photos include colour and texture to your photos as we have done above.

How to post a 3D photo in Facebook

It’s fairly straightforward to post a 3D photo to your Facebook Profile, Facebook Page or within a Facebook Group. Start by creating a post as you would normally do. When in the post, tap the three dots (top right of the screen) to bring up a menu for you to then select ‘3D Photo’ which opens the iPhone’s ‘Portrait’ folder where you’ll be able to select the image you’re looking to share from there.

3D Photos in Facebook

As we all know 3D isn’t new but this new roll out from Facebook does make the experience of using images in the Facebook platform much richer and more immersive. It takes us that bit closer to a VR or augmented reality experience.

What it looks like in your News Feed

Share the 3D love

Let us know how you get on with your 3D photos in Facebook and please do share them with us on our Social Progress Facebook Page – Facebook.com/Social Progress We’d love to see your photos.


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