FaceApp’s Secrets

Jul 24, 2019

The FaceApp Challenge

Have you tried it?

This app is reasonably aged already (no pun intended), at just over 2 years old. But almost overnight it’s been resurrected and has stormed its way through social media thanks to the #faceappchallenge. A few celebrities have used FaceApp, posting their photos on their own social media channels and that’s the kind of endorsement needed to give any marketing a sizeable boost! FaceApp has gone viral in recent weeks, bigger than the first time it launched. Timing is everything, as they say.

If you don’t know about it, FaceApp can adjust your appearance to make you appear younger or older, add a smile, facial hair and change the colour of your eyes and hair, amongst many other features. You can check it out, but do so with caution!

Why be cautious? Well, FaceApp was developed by Russian software specialists and there have been some pretty curious questions posed online as a result. In the days of modern technology, when your face can unlock your phone, is it wise to download this particular app?

There are many suggestions that hidden within their terms and conditions is a statement that says that they can store your information and use it for whatever purpose they like! A pretty scary thought!

Four famous faces that have undergone the #faceapp treatment

Can you name these four famous faces?

What does it really say?

We thought we’d take a closer look at the fine print, and, in essence, it’s accurate but there’s still more to it. FaceApp suggests that they can use your images however they wish in the future and you would be unable to sue them if it caused you embarrassment, loss of business, reputation or otherwise. You might also be liable for charges should they change their terms and conditions suddenly. Users have 30 days to “opt out” of this agreement from their original registration, which may have been years ago, so you may find that you’re out of luck with that!

One positive side of this is that they DON’T have access to your camera roll, but they can store any images you upload to the app and use it however they wish.

They also AREN’T stealing any users’ “data”, which puts an end to that argument!

The moral of the story

Every time you sign up to an app, you probably do it frivolously and without concern towards the user agreement. But this particular app has caused quite the stir! There may be fears over the legitimacy behind it or the #faceappchallenge that emerged recently but just be careful what you download. Perhaps this is a good lesson for reading “the small print”!

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