European Space Agency & Felix the Huddersfield Station Cat team up in Human / Feline Space trial

Apr 1, 2018

Felix’s global popularity goes stellar

It was announced earlier today and exclusively to Social Progress that the European Space Agency have allowed British Astronaut Tim Peake to take social media sensation Felix the Huddersfield Station Cat on his next mission to the International Space Station later today.

Felix the Huddersfield Station Cat - Tim Peake

Training has been completed, with Huddersfield’s favourite feline who has been spending regular weekends with Tim & his space boffin colleagues in NASA.  Tim said “In 1963 a French Cat named Feliciette became the first and only feline ever to travel to space.  She returned safely to earth and we thought it was about time another cat had a go”.  Tim was seen recently in the Head of Steam next to Huddersfield Train Station at 4pm last Friday, helping Felix celebrate.

Tim went on to say “The Space Station has been around for a number of years now.  My colleagues said how good it would be to make it more homely and have a friendly Space Station cat up there with us.  I can think of no-one on Earth better qualified than Felix – Queen of Hearts at Huddersfield Station.”

Felix The Huddersfield Station Cat - April Fool

A spokesperson at Huddersfield Station said “Felix is well versed in dealing with large vehicles roaring through busy stations and so is ideally placed to become the second cat in space.  We have promised her a packet of her favourite Dreamies to take with her, and her radiator bed has been transferred to Commander Peake’s rocket”

As you can see from the photos, Tim & Felix have become firm friends.  Tim has even helped Felix customise her astronaut suit with a Huddersfield Town badge!Felix The Huddersfield Station Cat - Tim Peake

The mission is due to blast off at noon today, so don’t forget to come back and check on progress later on.


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