Eeyore or Tigger – the choice is yours….isn’t it?

Jun 11, 2012

Given the choice, over time which would you rather hang out with Eeyore (the downcast donkey from Winnie the Pooh) or Tigger (the bouncy, bouncy, up beat Tiger with a spring in his tail)? I know which I’d choose!

I’ve been looking at enthusiasm this week and how we can benefit from it. Do we control our enthusiasm or does it control us? Can we truly choose to be enthusiastic or are there external influences that have an impact on how we feel, react, appear?

Well I for one am of the opinion that the choice is ours. Yes, there will be external influences which have an impact and sometimes these can dampen our spirits and have an effect on the way we operate but in the main we control how we change from a negative state to a positive one.

Enthusiasm breeds enthusiasm and most people want to be around uplifting and positive people with a “can do” attitude that will deliver results.

Enthusiasm creates the energy necessary for success. It’s attractive, infectious and can be used to generate momentum.

Enthusiasm in the driving force for everything. Enthusiasm for learning will help you take that step out of your comfort zone. It’s what will set you apart from the crowd in choosing your way in life. It shows self-confidence and makes your goals a reality first in your mind, then to the world. I could go on & on being enthusiastic about enthusiasm but I think you get the point – hopefully!

So are you an Eeyore or a Tigger?

How has enthusiasm helped you be successful?