Eat Less Cake, Get More Active! Race For Life 2018

Jun 8, 2018

Until now, the Social Progress Team has been well known to love #cake. It’s someone’s birthday – let’s have cake! We have a team meeting – let’s have cake! We’re out for lunch – let’s have cake! Clients have also been known to BRING us cake to some meetings and training! (It’s part of the reason we love our jobs so much). This year we decided that we needed to eat less cake and be more active. We also shared the desire to do something together for a charity – and that’s when the suggestion of running a Race for Life came up. So, although they’ve not been running in quite some time, Janet, Rebecca and Esther will be running 5k to raise money for Cancer Research UK on Sunday 1st July.

The course is a 5k route around Greenhead Park, Huddersfield and the event expects to see thousands of women (mostly dressed in PINK!) walking, jogging and running the course in aid of helping Cancer Research UK help #BeatCancerSooner.

Janet, Rebecca and Esther have all been training over the past couple of months, building back up to being able to run 5k (well, it may be more like your walking pace).

If you’d like to sponsor us, you can do so through our fundraising page here: Social Progress – Less Cake More Active

Read on to find out more about their training and why they’re running the #RaceForLife…

Janet Bebb (AKA Bebbers)

This will be my 12th Race For Life and I’ve run a fair few courses (including a Spartan Course and the Great North Run 11 times) both for charity, fun and to achieve personal fitness goals. I think it’s fair to say that there was a period in my life where if I wasn’t running 3 times a week – there was something wrong! I had the running bug. But, life and work starts to take over and I’ve not been running for a few years now. The Race for Life is something close to my heart as I know family members and friends who have been directly affected by breast cancer. Not only is this particular 5k run a personal challenge to get me running again, but I want to help raise funds for Cancer Research to continue their vital work.

Rebecca Hopwood (AKA Hoppy)

Before I had my little boy I was running 5k’s regularly and confidently. I’ve also run a fair few Race for Life races, colour runs and other events over the years and even have a cool pair of Race for Life running leggings! However, life as a new Mum took priority and it is only recently that I’ve fished out my trainers and started to pound the pavement running again. When the opportunity to do the Race for Life as a Team with Social Progress came up, I thought it was a brilliant idea and I’m really looking forward to it. These events are great as a team and with so many people to cheer you on – you feel as though there’s nothing stopping you! I lost my grandad Snowey to Cancer and would do anything to continually support the great work that Cancer Research UK achieves. What a great way to get fitter and support an excellent cause!

Esther Orridge (AKA Porridge)

After dodging PE like the plague for my whole childhood, I finally caught the running bug just before I fell pregnant last year. With help from my husband, I managed to complete my first 5k run (thanks to Huddersfield Parkrun). Once the tiredness of growing a baby kicked in, I didn’t run again for over a year. I’ve never (but always wanted to) taken part in a charity fundraising event like this, so when it was suggested at a SoProTeam Meeting I jumped at the opportunity to start running again and fundraise for such an important charity. I am running because no-one would choose to have cancer – it can affect us ALL. Cancer Research UK is an amazing charity and I want to do my bit to help keep their work going.

THANK YOU to everyone who’s sponsored us so far. What a great charity to donate to!

Would you like to sponsor us? If so, you can do so through our fundraising page here: Social Progress – Less Cake More Active

So, although Janet isn’t looking forward to being surrounded by a sea of pink if you don’t know already, she HATES pink) we’re all really excited for the race on Sunday 1st July at Greenhead Park, Huddersfield. We may not be the fastest, but we’re definitely committed to keeping moving and completing the 5k Race for Life 2018!

Will you be running the race in July too? Or would you like to come cheer us on? If so, we’ll see you at Greenhead Park. The excitement kicks off at 11am… See you there? (We’ll be wearing BLUE!)

Do keep a look out on our social media to hear about our training progress. And don’t forget to give us a digital #SoProGoHigh5! Go Team SoPro!

Special people to mention:

Grandad Snowey – Lost his battle with stomach Cancer 2003

Margaret Varley – Battling breast Cancer 2018

Peter’s Mum – Passed away in 1994

Janette Blythe – Sadly passed away in 2013

Marion Dutton – Lost her battle with lung Cancer

Helen Armitage – kicked Cancer’s butt!

Hilda Davies – Recovered

Great Aunty Joyce – Recovered from breast Cancer

Sophie & Alex’s Grandad – Passed away December 2017

Caroline Taylor – Battling breast cancer for the third time

Mandy Clayton-Holmes – Recovering from breast Cancer

Jill Lines – Sadly passed away from Cancer in 2018


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