Easy scheduling of Instagram posts with Hootsuite

Apr 15, 2017

Hello everybody, greetings from Mel in super sunny rural France!

(Janet – For those of you who don’t know, Mel lives & works in France. She manages the social media accounts for some of our clients, set up social media accounts, completes reviews, writes some of our blogs and a whole host of other things. Mel’s an integral part of the SoPro Team).

I’ve been wrangling with this one for a while so wanted to share it with you all. How on earth to you easily schedule posts to Instagram?

How can we work smarter?

Well, the answer is, Hootsuite. The title of this post may have given that away already.

But how do you do it when all Instagram posts have to be done from your phone? When the scheduling is best done from your desktop?

The first step is to download Hootsuite to your mobile. You may think this is obvious, but it didn’t occur to me until prompted by our very own Janet, oops.

Then, head back to your browser and schedule away as you would for any other platform. The benefit of this is being able to copy and paste from a bank of your favourite hashtags without the need to type them all individually (yawn). And it makes sure that you have regular content going out without having to remember to post every day. Your phone reminds you to do it, genius!

Next, go back to your phone and wait and watch until you get a notification. Please feel free to do other stuff in the meantime, it’s a bit like watching paint dry.

When the magic moment comes you’ll be prompted to choose the scheduled post. It even checks that you’re logged into the right account, I’ve not ticked the ‘Don’t show again’ box just in case!

The only thing you need to do now is paste the hashtags into the ‘Write a caption…’ box, the app handily copies them over for you, and hit share.

Easy peasy SoPro squeezy. No excuses to not flood Instagram with your wonderful content every day at all now. Enjoy!


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