Does your social media strategy work for your e-commerce business?

Nov 18, 2020

2020 is certainly going to provide a very different shopping experience to “normal”. Black Friday will happen whilst England is in lockdown so retail outlets are not able to open or are offering a very reduced click and collect service.

The typical images of coffee shops with steamed up windows as shoppers drop their bags in relief might happen, but what if lockdown is extended? What impact will this have on your business at what is typically one of the most lucrative four weeks of the year.

If you have a product to sell, getting your e-commerce strategy right now is imperative. Many local community groups are doing a sterling job at promoting “shop local” but are you visible? How easy is it for your customers to find you and most importantly know what you offer?

Social Media goes hand in hand with e-commerce. A visible, active social media platform provides confidence to your customers that you are real, they can buy with confidence and you will be there to answer any questions both before and after a purchase has been made.

These are some quick checks you can make to experience what your customer journey is actually like;

What social media platforms are you on? If you are selling, Instagram and Facebook should be platforms you are active on. Do they have the same image, branding, professionalism?

When did you last post on there? An inactive account can turn consumers off instantly as it raises credibility questions…are you real? Are you still operating? Likewise, a flurry of posts in one go can also switch people off. Ensure your content is relevant, on brand and take time to understand when your audience is most active to schedule your posts at the optimum time.

What does the customer journey look like? Do they have to make multiple clicks to gain the product information required? Would they need to login to a separate site to make a purchase? Do they have to copy and paste links? It can take seconds for someone who was interesting in buying to abandon a purchase if there are too many steps in the sales process.

There is a lot to consider but doing this now could make a major difference over this critical trading period.

Social Progress work with many e-commerce companies ensuring they have premium exposure in a targeted fashion. It is not too late to get in touch if you would like to maximise this time and get your strategy right!