Direct Twitter Scheduling… is it better than an app?!

Feb 5, 2020

Direct Twitter Scheduling…is it worth it?

For a long time, there have been many 3rd party platforms to help you plan ahead and keep your Twitter account active, which is really helpful in staying organised and being able to plan your seasonal content and should leave you a little more time free to be reactive and have conversations with your audience which always helps to grow your brand.


There are some drawbacks to using a scheduling tool though; you lose the ability to tag other users into your photos if you can’t mention them in your tweet after inevitably running out of characters. You also can’t schedule threads (which have become ever more popular in recent times), and there has always been a suggestion that these apps hinder your organic reach somewhat, which isn’t great for building your brands.


A recent twitter desktop update also disabled the ability to use some 3rd party features such as Twitcher, which allowed you to switch accounts quickly and easily, which was addressed with the addition of multiple account, but only a maximum of five; no good for social media agencies like us! But, there is a pending update which is currently being rolled out to SOME accounts which negates all of the negative factors above!

You can head to twitter as normal and if your account allows you (we did say only SOME accounts), you can schedule a tweet as you would within your scheduling tool of choice and of course you can add pictures as normal, however, now you can tag friends and brands as normal, which is a feature lost to the scheduling tools, all at a time which is exactly when you want it out there, which is actually pretty exciting! You can’t however yet add a thread, which is a little disappointing, but hopefully they’ll had that in time!

Currently, we can only see it on just a few of our client accounts, but there’s no sign of it on the Twitter app for these accounts, so if you don’t use Twitter for desktop, perhaps it’s time to start using it and see if you’ve been given this feature before anyone else.


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