Daisy’s Work Experience

Oct 26, 2018

Daisy with a SoPro photo.

I chose Social Progress for my work experience as I have an interest in business and they deal with a lot of different clients in a lot of different sectors. I only applied with two places for work experience and Social Progress accepted, which I was really happy with.

I was really nervous before my first day in the office. My first impressions of Social Progress were how welcoming and friendly they all were, which instantly made me feel very comfortable in the work environment and my nerves were quickly forgotten.

I decided to bring cakes for everyone, as I could tell from their social media that cakes were very much appreciated! (P.S if you ever want to make a good impression, just bring cake!)

She did her homework!

Daisy brought cake for the team!

My Jobs

One of the first things that I was tasked with was using a graphic design website called Canva, which was easy to use once everything was explained. I then went on to create lots of graphics for different businesses, including Social Progress and Big Screen Social (which is part of Social Progress). I was then introduced to scheduling tools, where you can schedule posts on all the different platforms which was very interesting, as I was able to see how they can post things without having to be there at that exact time, a real time saver.

I was also able to see where each business should alter their social media to make it more effective (which I now know to be called optimization) and also make it easier for everyone to use and understand. I was shown how some platforms tell you how an advert could be performing better so I was allowed to edit some adverts to make them more effective. I was also taught how to create banners for Facebook and LinkedIn pages, which were then added to some business and individual pages.

A lot of my work experience has been using Canva and photo editing programs as well as posting to clients’ social media channels, which has been very fun because I have been able to be creative and explore it without there being strict guidelines, which is very important to be able to enjoy this job.


This week I have learnt a lot about working in general, and what a work environment is like. The team at Social Progress have been amazing, they’ve all been really easy going and taught me so much about interacting with clients and each other. I have definitely enjoyed my week at Social Progress and it has opened my eyes to the world of Social Media.

Scrabble Art!

Thank you so much for letting me do work experience with you, I have really enjoyed it!