Christmas Content Ideas for 2022

Nov 28, 2022


It’s never too late to make the most of the Christmas season to promote your small business! So we’ve pulled together 5 quick and simple Christmas tips, ideas and marketing tricks to help you maximise your impact over the next few weeks.


Put your Christmas decorations up!

We don’t just mean physically, we mean virtually too! Add a festive twist to the photos you share on your social media, to really get your audience in the Christmas-buying mood. It might mean adding baubles or a sprig of holly to your product photography, or photos next to the Christmas tree – whatever you do, get creative and be mindful of catching the eye of your target audience, because it’s that scroll-stopping content they’re looking for!


Spread Christmas cheer!

You know as well as any small business how important it is to shop small, so why not do some social media shout-outs to your favourite independent businesses? That way, you’re encouraging your audience to support similar small businesses to your own, and the businesses you tag are likely to share your posts with their own audiences, ensuring you maximise your reach at a time of year that’s key to the growth of your business!


Count down to Christmas!

With Christmas being the most anticipated time of the year for many people, everyone gets really excited about it. That’s why many brands decide to use Christmas countdowns as part of their holiday campaign – this not only keeps their followers up-to-date in a festive and fun way, but it’s also a chance to create an awesome campaign that’ll increase engagement. It’s not too late to think about a post each day of advent, but if that seems like too much to take on at this time of year, why not think about a “12 days of Christmas” campaign instead?


Festive Facts and Information!

Did you know that informative content is the leading attention-grabber for social media? People love to learn, and informative posts hold attention for a long time. Think about sharing information, tips and tutorials in areas relevant to your business field; from gift-wrapping tutorials, to Christmas recipes; from holiday outfit ideas to easy DIY decorations – pop your thinking cap on (or your Santa hat, if you prefer!) and get creative!


‘Santa’s Little Helper’ of Social Media: The Scheduling Tool!

We all know this is the busiest time of year for businesses of all sizes, but luckily there’s a whole host of scheduling tools to ease your stress and workload significantly – you could even create and schedule your Christmas posts in advance for the whole of December! Here’s our top (FREE!) scheduling tools to help you through the season:

Scheduling tools are great, but each person prefers a different platform, so take a look and decide what works best for you and your business.


We Ho-Ho-Hope your Christmas is a roaring success, but if you’re starting to feel overwhelmed and need some festive magic spreading over your social media channels get in touch with our elves here at Social Progress for help with your digital marketing: