From Chef Whites To Shirts – Alex’s First Few Weeks

Nov 9, 2018

Joining the Social Progress team is like being part of a small family, in which everyone is interested in what each other does on a personal level in their spare time. I was lucky that my Mum, Janet, was willing to let her youngest trouble maker be part of this slice of gold that she’s worked so hard to build from the ground up.

Alex Bebb - From Chef Whites To Shirts

Being given the chance is great, as I’ve come from a kitchen background and haven’t really been used to calm office life, but I think it’s growing on me now. Anyway, what’s not to like? You get to meet a range of interesting people, get more time to spend with friends and family (mainly because I work with one of them) and most importantly there’s windows which might sound odd but there is a rarity in most commercial kitchens. Social Progress has given me the chance to get my foot in the office door in which I’m forever grateful especially when I can get advice off one of the nicest and most patient teams that I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. Even when I’ve been in the middle of moving house, which I’m sure you’ll agree can be very stressful, everyone has been understanding of my situation and very interested in the progress, which is great that they’re so supportive.

Don’t get me wrong the banter is more PG than I’m use to and the office is way colder than the kitchen, but I’m sure that is something I will enjoy and get used to once I’ve settled in a bit more. Also, let’s not forget about the obsession with cake that Social Progress is famously known for. I’ve never seen people love cake so much and is almost on par with Esther’s love of Social Progress’s branded goods! But on a serious note I cannot show how thankful I am to the team for letting me better my pre-existing skills in things like IT, photography, filming and editing. Already I’ve been able develop these further, and moving forward Luis and I will be working more closely over the next few of weeks building the  video marketing side of the business which Janet is excited about.

I hope that I can be even more hands on once I get my first account managed client, as I’m currently helping the rest of the team on some of the creative design tasks to make their workload a little easier. I don’t actually mind this as I am gaining so much more knowledge than I already know and have such a great team to absorb from and I wouldn’t want it any other way.


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