Does My Business Need A Chatbot?

Mar 13, 2018

If you’re active online, and who isn’t these days, you’ve very likely had an interaction with a chatbot. Don’t be afraid, but they are everywhere!

We asked our resident ‘girl geek’, Mel Constantinou to explain about the latest social media technological integration, Chatbots! So here you have it……

“My latest tech challenge, I’m still waiting for the badge ;-), has been to master the chatbot building process.

So what do they do?

It’s not as simple as just chatting. They can do that, in a rudimentary way, but the best way we’ve found to use them is to direct your audience to exactly where they need to be. Whether that’s your website, an email inbox or an actual living breathing member of your team, the bot can do it.

We all have ideas as to what happens when you let bots run the world, Sarah Connor, stand up.

So why trust one with your business?

Artificial intelligence Chat Bot


Where is your time best spent? Answering the same questions over and over again, or building and developing your business even further?

Bots aren’t just a time saving device either. The data that you get from them can come in very useful. There’s that dirty word again, ‘data’, I love it! I’ll be going on about Analytics again if you’re not careful.

If you spend a large amount of your day fielding Facebook Messenger posts, and even if you don’t, a bot could help. They can be set to activate for out of hours only, if you do still want to interact personally when you’re awake. So you’d never lose those customers that are online when you aren’t?

Let that website you’ve invested in do it’s thing by helping people to find it. Or keep your sales team on their toes by filling their inboxes with weekend queries through the chatbot each morning. And have customers queuing up to work with you. Let’s face it, who hasn’t just found someone else that was open because they were ignored!

You can also beat those Facebook stats that keep telling you you’re not answering your messages quickly enough.

There’s no point hiding the fact that your audience is talking to a chatbot. Nobody likes being misled. Be open about it, brand it, make it stand out. That will, in turn, make your business stand out. People like to be answered, quickly. Even if it’s just to say a human will get back to them.

Here’s another of my favourite words for you ‘AI’, well two really, artificial intelligence. Bot technology is still in it’s infancy, but it is changing all the time and growing, learning. Don’t get left behind.Artificial intelligence

If you’re interested in finding out more, contact us for a demo. We may even let you loose with a bot we’re developing, to see if you can break it. Be gentle though, they could become sentient at any time!”

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Written by SoPro Mel


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