Refresh your working environment this Spring – Benefits of Co / Remote Working

Apr 19, 2023

With the weather slowly improving, you may be thinking about how you can embrace the brighter days and get out and about this Spring/Summer season.

Remote working has grown in popularity since the COVID-19 pandemic and certainly doesn’t seem to be a fleeting trend that is going to diminish anytime soon.

Many employers have introduced a ‘hybrid’ arrangement where employees spend some of their working week located away from their usual office environment, giving them the choice of where they want to work.

Whether you’re a full-time remote worker, or you tend to combine office with home-work, there are many fantastic benefits that come with changing up your work environment and working from a new space.

SoPro Space, our flexible, multi-use space in Honley, provides the ultimate meeting and remote working experience to help you and your business thrive.

Better work–life balance

Cutting the cost and time it takes to commute is a huge plus of home-working, however, you have to have some boundaries in place to ensure that your work and personal life doesn’t merge into one.

If you’re struggling with separating your home and work life, regularly getting out and into a fresh work environment may be a great option for you.

SoPro Space is open from 9am to 5pm Monday-Friday which means that you can retain standard working hours even when you’re not in the office. You’d be surprised how beneficial removing the temptation of working more than your contracted hours can be!

Higher productivity

Whilst working from home comes with its pros, it also can prove to be a difficult task when you’re surrounded by reminders of your home life.

Working from SoPro Space means that you’re away from the distractions of home, meaning that you can retain maximum concentration and you’re able to get more out of your day.

Increased motivation

When you’re given the flexibility to choose where to work, you’re able to choose a work environment that is suited to you and allows you to be the most creative version of yourself.

SoPro Space has all you need to stay motivated and focused whilst remote working, including a comfortable workspace, large windows for lots of natural light, free Fairtrade tea and coffee PLUS hireable equipment to make running your meetings/workshops as easy as possible.

Opportunity for collaboration and networking

Working from home without the company of your colleagues can become a bit of a struggle, especially when home-working is your full-time arrangement.

Heading to a co-working space gives you the chance to be around other professionals and bring back that all-important social element that your office once served.

At SoPro Space, you can hire a desk in our co-working space for the opportunity to share business advice, network and come up with creative solutions.


If you’d like to know more about SoPro Space, discuss your needs or just come for a look around, please get in touch with us at

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