Aruba’s first week at Social Progress

Jul 10, 2023

Aruba's first week at social progress, digital marketing and social media account management agency, huddersfield, west yorkshire

Growing up reading all kinds of fiction and non-fiction, it was only natural that I started expressing myself through writing short stories that would reflect my views on various events taking place around me. This led me to studying English Language at an advanced level and thus began my journey in the world of copywriting for print and social media.

Having worked with a variety of businesses, ranging from ethnic fashion to logistics services, I found that every brand has a unique story and thus, needs the right people to get it across to the world. Having had the opportunity of being given creative discretion by my mentors, I got to explore my capabilities and even learn corresponding skills, such as graphic design and social media strategy.

Despite spending 4 years in this industry, I still experience a rush of adrenaline when pitching the next social media campaign or even a blog post to clients. This is because I put all my heart into the written or visual narratives that I develop for them, hoping to strike a connection with their audience. This is where Social Progress struck a chord! As an external observer, I admired that teamwork, kindness, and client-care are at the heart of their professional values

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Presently an official team member, I have had a versatile first week, as I have already contributed to multiple projects! What’s most intriguing is Social Progress’s diverse client base, which would serve as a healthy challenge for any social media manager. I’m looking forward to learning from these fantastic businesses and being part of the team that drives their story forward

I have a positive feeling that Social Progress will contribute greatly to my personal and professional development, as the team has been nothing short of supportive this week. From meeting with clients to helping me locate the right Dropbox folder, everyone has been super helpful. I will be looking forward to returning next week!

This is newbie, Aruba, signing off for now. Let’s get this show on the road!