Are your PRIVATE Facebook messages on PUBLIC view to your friends?

Sep 29, 2012


Dear Facebookers – Your private inbox messages could now be visible for ALL to see from 2012 and earlier! This invasion of your privacy could get VERY awkward, very quickly…

As the Haverhill Echo point out this is most possible a BUG that you may or may not have – read their article here

To check if your Facebook Profile has the glitch click on the year to the right of your profile (under ‘Now’) You will now see a box called ‘Friends’ have a read down the messages….yikes! They look like wall posts…..they are not! They’re your PRIVATE messages from that year!!!

There’s an easy fix–when you’re in your OWN timeline, just click on the year on the right (2…007, 2008, 2009) and you’ll see a box with a bunch of friends’ messages and a header that says something like ‘89 people have posted on XXXX’s Timeline’ – hover over to the right of this bar until you see the pencil, click and select hide from timeline. Do that for each year – SORTED! BOTH parties have to ‘hide from timeline’ or it will show so please share this blog post, act now and do your friends a BIG favour!