Are you using a Facebook Profile for your Business?

Oct 20, 2015

Over the past month or so we’ve come across a fair few companies who have their business set up as a profile on Facebook instead of having a Business Page. You do have to have a Facebook Profile to be able to have a fully-functioning Facebook Page however the question today is;

“Does it matter if you set up a Profile instead of a Page? After all, Facebook is making it difficult to reach my audience!”

Janet has helped a couple of people recently with Facebook glitches and she thought it would be worth exploring the pros and cons of having a Facebook Profile vs a Page in a blog – so here we go…

Facebook Profile
It’s better to set up a Facebook Profile to able to create a fully functional Facebook Page. If you happen to set up a Page without a Profile, you will be extremely limited as to what you can do with it. The Profile can then become an Administrator or Editor of a Page and those Profiles have control and access to the back end of it.

1) Profiles are designed for people and are limited to 5000 friends. Profiles have “friends” and Pages have “Likes/Likers/Followers”. As you can see below, Pages can not connect or directly engage with a Profile and their view is very limited.

Social Progress Facebook Page - Social Media Training - Huddersfield

Facebook Pages – This is an example of what a Profile looks like when viewing it from a Page; note that you can’t “like” or connect or interact with a Profile! Are you missing out on opportunities with other businesses/Pages because they can’t connect with you?

2) Profiles do have a better reach when posting, however there are a lot of things missing from a Profile which are on a Page, designed for a business (see below). If you have a business Profile rather than a Page you will be missing out on a lot of opportunities which a Page gives you and you followers!

See below for what you can get on a Facebook Page:

Social Progress Facebook Page - Social Media Training - Huddersfield

Facebook Pages allow fellow users (viewers / potential customers) to find out more info about a Page/Company and see their activity


Social Progress Facebook Page - Social Media Training - Huddersfield

Facebook Page – you can add apps to link to your other social media accounts, create events & more!


Social Progress Facebook Page - Social Media Training - Huddersfield

Facebook Pages – people can leave reviews & watch your uploaded videos (lots of things for them to see!)

3) Other Businesses / Pages won’t be able to “like” and follow you, tag or engage with a profile when operating as a Page – so people who actually find and WANT to connect with/follow you, can’t because it’s not allowed. Are you missing opportunities to connect, engage and support other businesses?

Social Progress Facebook Page - Social Media Training - Huddersfield

Facebook Pages – Pages can’t “Like” or follow People/Profiles – if you use a profile for your business you’re loosing out on engaging with other businesses & risk Facebook deleting your account!!

4) If Facebook figure out or think you are a business using a Profile, they will shut it down (with or without notice) and you will not have access or control over it!

Facebook Page
A Facebook Page is designed for businesses. The layout of the Page and it’s dashboard provide various tools and promotional opportunities which can also link to other social media platforms! Not only that but Facebook are developing them all the time with new features and tools.

  1. When searching, a Page is visible to everyone and people can choose to follow its activity with just one click (“Like”).
  2. Yes, Facebook is making is very, VERY difficult to reach your preferred audience unless the business pays for it, however you can advertise through a Page (which isn’t as scary as it sounds and doesn’t have to be expensive to get results!)

Below we’ve included screenshots of the Social Progress Facebook Page to demonstrate what a Facebook Businesses Page looks like to the public:

Social Progress Facebook Page - Social Media Training - Huddersfield

Facebook Business Page – Full Page Functions & Control

Top Tips for Businesses on Facebook

Always have more than one Administrator to a Page. If Facebook deletes a Profile then you have a back-up one to go to. We recently had a client who’s Profile was shut down by Facebook and they couldn’t access their Business Page! Guess what – they didn’t have another profile linked to it! Janet has worked hard to resolve it however, as the saying goes; “prevention is always better than the cure!”

Administrators should be people you can trust. They will have the same editing rights as you and could potentially (aka if they were really mean) take you off the Admin Roles and have free reign with the Page! Or they could delete it completely. This is all within the back-end so your followers wouldn’t know the difference between you posting or the person who’s just taken over.

Promote – don’t sell! Think about it. Would you want your Facebook Feed to be full of “Buy Me, Buy Me, Buy Me!!!”? Be sociable and use the 20/80 rule. Only 20% of what you post should be promoting your services. 80% should be talking about the industry/sharing useful content/updates/engagement & about your team.

As Esther says; “show people you’re not a robot!”

So, we hope you found this post useful and enlightening. If any of it has sparked your interest and you’d like to know more about the Facebook for Business do get in touch with us! There are various ways we can help including workshops, social media health-checks and content management. Give us a call on 01484 506336 or drop us an email at


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