Analytics – To Geek or not to Geek

Jun 3, 2016

Mel’s our Head Geek here at Social Progress and these are her thoughts on Social Media Analytics and in particular Twitter Analytics.

According to the Oxford English Dictionary (OED), Analytics is “the systematic computational analysis of data or statistics and Information resulting from the systematic analysis of data or statistics”.

With this statement, not only is my geek status here at Social Progress cemented for all time, but I’ve probably also lost many of our readers! Hopefully not for good.Oxford English Dictionary Definition of Analytics

OED does, helpfully, go on to use it in two sentences “Content analytics is relevant in many industries” and “These analytics can help you decide if it’s time to deliver content in different ways” which, I hope, make a lot more sense to everybody. They certainly do to me (but it may still be as clear as mud to you).

So what does all of this actually mean? To put it simply, look at what you’ve done before and see how it performed. If it did well definitely do it again, if it didn’t try it again at a different time and maybe in a slightly different way. Until you get the results you want.

It’s all about trial and error and even when you think you’ve found your “sweet spot” don’t stop, never stop, changing things up.

That’s not all we can do though.

I was recently tasked with setting up a Twitter advert, just a simple one aimed at getting more followers. In the space of a few weeks we had increased the follower base by 10%, but more significantly a further 5% came in on the back of the other posts. To put that in context, prior to any intervention from the Social Progress team there had been only a 2% rise in follower numbers in a two month period.

Twitter Analytics Graph - Followers Increase

To me this shows that, if you want more followers, adverts are really useful but regular posting is also doing the same job only at a slower pace.

The beauty of an advert is that you can set your demographic and target anybody with a particular interest.
This is where it gets really geeky so buckle up.

You can either randomly decide who to target based on the customers you are trying to attract, or you can look at the analytics and take out all the guesswork.

You can also tell which content is getting your followers excited and give them more of it. The possibilities are endless.

Still don’t get it? You don’t really need to, that’s what geeks like me are here for! Go on make my day – pick up the phone or drop us a line!!

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