A Week at Social Progress: Matilda’s Work Experience

Jul 15, 2022

Last week we were delighted to welcome Matilda into the Social Progress team for her work experience placement. The team got to work, showing her all the ins and outs of social media marketing, but if you want to know exactly what she got up to, read her blog below to find out what she enjoyed about being part of Team SoPro for the week:

I decided on Social Progress for my work experience as I love being creative and I am interested in how social media and marketing is implemented in the workspace. I was very delighted to be accepted.

Prior to my week at Social Progress, I had already met the team and had been excited for my work experience ever since, due to them all being very friendly and jolly. Which made my week a lot less nerve-wracking.

On my first day at Social Progress, after arriving with brownies which were greatly appreciated (they previously let me know they love cakes) and meeting Tiny the dog who is very calm and cute, I found out that I’d be shadowing different members of the team and Monday was with Sophie! Firstly, she ran me down on all the things that will be happening within the week.

My first task was to post on all Social Progress platforms informing them that I will be doing my work experience here (view my first post here!); whilst doing so I learnt how to use both Creator Studio and Sendible along with learning how to schedule posts. Which was very interesting as I was never aware you could prepare a post so far in advance and then completely forget about it, with it still being posted when you need it to. Next, I learnt how to make a testimonial for one of Sophie’s clients on Canva (which will be used very often throughout my week), using one of Social Progress’ templates, that saved a lot of time. My next task was creating a video for World Emoji Day on Canva, so I took photos of all the team to be on the video and edited them all together with their chosen emojis, which was lots of fun! Then using my knowledge from earlier, I scheduled that ready to post for World Emoji Day later in the month. I then continued to use Canva to make posts for updates on Social Progress’ social media.

On my second day, I was shadowing Joanna! We started the day with making July’s E-Newsletter together. Including making more graphics on Canva, importing photos and images, writing suitable captions and adding links (a lot more work goes in than you’d imagine). Then we scheduled this for its release date. Next, I was tasked with sharing their latest blog about scheduling tips across all Social Progress social media platforms. Lastly, I began to make a World Chocolate Day quiz for people to engage with on stories. This was fun because we were somehow struggling to answer the quiz we were making!

On Wednesday, upon arrival I was greeted by a very lively Bruce the dog who was very energetic and excited. I then cracked on with the World Chocolate Day quiz from the previous afternoon and scheduled it ready for its release. Soon after, Abbie arrived with some good news that she passed her driving test! After congratulating Abbie, Hannah gave me some work on Canva for one of Joanna’s clients, making ‘top tips’ for their social media. Once that was finished, we made a reel to celebrate Abbie passing her driving test which included making a fake bus pass, filming the reel and then editing it all together with some graphics, that was my favourite task so far!

On Thursday, I was shadowing Abbie! First of all, we filmed clips for a reel to be posted for ‘Plastic Free July’. Then I spent the rest of the morning compiling, editing and animating the reel, to then go ahead and schedule it once it was completed. I really enjoyed creating the reel as there is a lot of creative and arty things involved. Then in the afternoon I was creating a mood board for one of Abbie’s clients, researching different options and ideas for their social media posts and also posted the stories I had previously prepared for World Chocolate Day.

On my final day, both Bruce and Tiny were in the office which was interesting as Tiny just wants to sleep and eat but Bruce would prefer to bark at everyone walking past, causing Tiny lots of confusion. My first task of the day was to make the answer graphics to the World Chocolate Day quiz then uploaded them to stories for everyone to see how many they got correct. Then I shadowed Alex as we went upstairs to the brand new SoPro Space and he taught me how to take professional looking videos for the before section of a before and after post after it is renovated. I was surprised how difficult it is as the camera is pretty heavy and it’s a challenge to keep it smooth. Then he displayed to me how we edit the clips together to music which I found very intriguing as there is so many options to improve the video. Then I spent the rest of my time experimenting on Canva to expand my knowledge and skills.

Overall, I have had a brilliant week with the lovely and hard-working team at Social Progress and I have learnt lots of new things along the way. I highly recommend them for any social media or digital marketing you need doing or for a work experience placement. You will not regret it! They’re all very kind and helpful.

Thank you so much for letting me spend the week with you all doing my work experience, I’ve loved every minute of it!

From all of us here at Social Progress, Thank you Matilda, you were a delight to have in the office, and as an honorary member of Team SoPro, you’re welcome back any time!