A big LinkedIn Feature!

Jun 6, 2019

Do you use LinkedIn?

It’s a rapidly growing platform and an incredibly powerful tool! Networking is important for building your business and connecting with people within your industry that can add value to you, your business and your network, so being able to do this online can be invaluable.

A lot of the recent additions to LinkedIn have seen changes akin to features that are available within Facebook, such as reactions; and it’s really been embraced by people on LinkedIn. The newest and most recent feature is something we’ve been wondering about for a while, and it’s finally here!

You can now Invite connections to follow your LinkedIn company page!

If you use LinkedIn on a personal level, but you’re also in charge of your Business/Company Page, you’ll know that growing your business page following isn’t as easy as connecting with people as an individual. LinkedIn has recognised this and now, just like Facebook, you can invite people in your network to “follow” your business page! At last!

Here’s how:

1) Head to your LinkedIn business page and select “Admin Tools”

Click on Admin Tools

2) From here you can now select “Invite connections”

Invite Connections

3) Choose from your network who you want to invite to follow your business page, if their name isn’t there, they already do!

Type the names of those you want to invite

4) There’s also a little pop-up box at the side of your business page the will have quick and easy access to peope.

Invite from the side of your business page too

Just so you’re aware, the notification will say the name of the person that sends the invite!

Will you make use of this tool? Let us know!