6 Months of SoPro Abbie!

Apr 21, 2022

Wow, I can’t quite believe I’ve been working at Social Progress for 6 months already – well I guess they do say time flies when you’re having fun! It’s been challenging at times (who doesn’t love a challenge?), but a fantastic start to my career in social media marketing, with the best team. So, to mark 6 months of SoPro, here’s 6 highlights from my time so far;

I’ve had great fun working with all my clients, from clothing shops to a bakery, the list keeps getting longer and longer! The wide variety of accounts I manage certainly keeps me on my toes, but it means every day is different which is refreshing. I’ve met some lovely people and it’s been incredibly rewarding to work with them to drive engagement with their business through social media and the positive feedback has been amazing!

Before starting at Social Progress, I didn’t have much experience with social media advertising. By utilising the skills of the team here at SoPro, I’ve been able to develop my own to help generate sales for clients, despite Facebooks constantly changing interface – it’s difficult to keep up with sometimes!

I have always preferred the visual aspect of social media marketing and coming from a graphic design background, this part has always come most naturally to me. Working at Social Progress has encouraged me to develop my copywriting skills as every working day requires me to compose captions for social posts. Captions should be snappy and engaging which has encouraged me to get creative with words, they’re now easier to write as each day goes by.

You may not know, but my unofficial title in the office is ‘Reels Queen’ – I do love to create a good Instagram reel, it’s true. Whilst finding an appropriate tune can be arduous at times, they’re usually light-hearted and allow me to get super creative. You’ll probably have seen my work over on our social feeds, I think the ‘Filming our new showreel at Wired Coffee & Cake’ has to be my favourite.

One of my favourite posts that I created for Social Progress has to be our bonfire night video. Sorry to spoil the effect but we weren’t actually at a firework display, we were stood facing a TV screen here at the SoPro office! There were lots of laughs throughout the making process, you’ll be surprised at how many takes we had to do to achieve the finished article (it was choreographed and everything).

Last but not least, the team here at Social Progress have made my time so enjoyable. They’re all really supportive, whether it’s a morale boost, a second opinion or just somebody to vent to about technological issues, they’re always there. We’ve had some fantastic team outings, and I’m sure there’ll be many more to come. Thank you welcoming me so warmly!


Thank you, Abbie, for being such an amazing addition to our team and for all your hard work so far. Please do join us in congratulating Abbie on her first 6 months at Social Progress via our social media!